Go Digital!

It seems like yesterday when I made my first attempt at finding an affordable digital multi-track recorder for my small home recording studio. Needing to replace my outdated 4 track analog recorder, I searched quite awhile for a reasonably priced recorder. Finally, I was able to find a digital recorder with most of the features I was looking for.

I was amazed at the capabilities of this machine; the clarity of sound it duplicated and the ease of operation were fantastic. My music mixes never sounded better.

Every month or so, some new technological invention, especially in the digital realm, appears on the market. For today’s young people, it is common place to have at their disposal anything they find appealing.

For some of us “older folks” to say the least, we are amazed, at times, even overwhelmed by all the “techno” gizmos on the market. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I research all the new devices out there, but I am a rare bird for my age and sex. I’m one of the very few women who pine over “electronics” instead of the latest fashion craze.

I constantly search the internet for information on all the new products. I want them all, but can only afford a few of these new devices. But, when narrowing down my choices, I usually opt to keep up with all the music related products for enjoyable listening and more efficient and advanced ways to take my music and recording to the next level.

There is no better way to find out all the tricks and tips about a new device than to read about it. Oftentimes the manufacturer’s supplied user’s manual, to say the least, is in another language. Yes, I am one of those people who prefer to learn by doing, but sometimes this is the slow way and does more harm than good. I have lost many good demos because of my hasty button pushing. My eyes often play tricks on me because part of using digital devices is getting used to the tiny menu screens.

E-books are great for reading in your spare time. I like to download them and read at my leisure. When my eyes are not working properly, I use the “zoom in”, sit back and read all about my new device.

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